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Animal Registration

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1. What’s different about registration renewals in 2018?
2. How do I update my pets' details?
3. What Happens if My Pet Becomes Lost
4. How long is the registration for?
5. At what age do I need to register my pet?
6. How much does registration cost?
7. What do I get for registering my animal?
8. Is there a fine for non-registration?
9. Who is responsible for registration when a cat or dog is sold, given away or traded?
10. Do I need to register my cat?
11. What are the requirements of cat registration?
12. Does my cat have to wear a tag?
13. How many cats can I have?
14. Does my dog have to wear a tag?
15. What will Council do about stray cats?
16. What is a “Working Dog”?
17. How do I register my cat or dog?
18. Why should I register my cat or dog?
19. How many dogs and cats can I have?