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What Happens if My Pet Becomes Lost
If we find your pet with any type of identification, registration tag and/or microchip, you will be contacted by a representative from Council’s Pound Facilities.

If your pet goes missing you should check Council’s online Lost Pets. While all care is taken to update this register with all of the animals that have been impounded, you should our Customer Service Centre on 4913 5000 or 1300 790 919.

If you are still unable to find your animal we suggest you contact local animal groups/agencies. the Capricorn Animal Aid Facebook pages are an excellent resource to help you locate your lost animal.

These pages list both lost and found pets in the Rockhampton area. You should also contact the Rockhampton RSPCA on
4921 3339 during business hours in the event they have located your lost pet.

All impounded animals will be held in a Council Pound Facility for a minimum of 72 hours, however after this time animals may be rehomed or euthanised.

While all care is taken at Council’s Pound Facility, your pet has been away from your property and exposed to other animals both prior to and during its impoundment. It is recommended that you consult your vet for advice.

Remember to advise Council and the microchip registry if your contact details change so they can update your records to help make it easier for your pet to be reunited with you if they become lost.

If your pet is impounded, you will be required to pay a pound release fee, in addition the registration fees if it is not currently registered. All such fees are required to be paid before release of the animal. The pound release fee covers the cost of keeping the animal while impounded at a Council Pound Facility.

As a pet owner you are responsible for providing an adequate enclosure to keep the animal on your property, and prevent it from wandering escaping or encroaching onto a neighbours or public place, to ensure the safety of other people, animals and
wildlife. Please be aware that a Local Laws Officer may attend your property to assess your enclosure. Compliance notices and penalty infringement notices may also be issued. This applies to both domestic animals and livestock.

Should you have any queries or require further information please contact our Customer Service Centre on 4913 5000 or
1300 790 919.

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