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Posted on: 17 July, 2014

Checking your water meter regularly could save you money!

Livingstone Shire Council is encouraging residents to check their water meters regularly to monitor and understand their water use.

Councillor Adam Belot who holds Council’s Water, Waste Management and the Environment Portfolio said that water notices will be arriving in letterboxes in the coming month so it’s timely to remind residents to check their meters.

“Regular checking of water meters will give residents an indication of how their water usage may have increased or decreased over a period, or help to detect water leaks, with early detection guaranteeing to save both water and money,” Cr Belot said.

Water charges are billed quarterly for residential customers and are based on readings taken from their property’s water meter.

Water meters will generally be installed either on the footpath adjacent to the adjoining property or just inside a property boundary and will be either in a black box with a green dimpled lid or above the ground.

“Being aware of their water usage throughout the year can be important for families on a tight budget and can evade the surprise of otherwise unexpected charges.”

“Council’s advice for residents who are surprised by an increase in water usage is to firstly check their homes for any obvious leaks from toilets, taps or showers that need to be fixed. A slow dripping tap can waste more than 9000 litres of water per year.”

Concealed leaks may also occur, caused by broken or cracked pipes or hidden in walls and can go undetected for long periods of time,” said Councillor Belot.

Council therefore also recommends that residents regularly check their water meter by following the below steps:
1. Turn off all taps tightly,
2. Find the water meter and write down the numbers shown,
3. If the number on the far right of the water meter is still moving there may be a leak,
4. Don’t use any water overnight – not even to flush the toilet,
5. Check the water meter reading again the next morning, and
6. If there has been any significant change in the numbers on the meter there may be a leaking pipe and you may need to engage the services of a private plumber.

Concealed Leak Information Sheet
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