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Posted on: 23 July, 2018

Livingstone Mayor's Desk - 21 July, 2018

Ownership and inclusiveness in the process is what brings out the very best in any team and is especially important when setting the budget framework to realise long-term goals and the collective vision for our community.

This year Livingstone undertook 10 comprehensive budget workshops, where councillors and the senior management team developed the overarching strategies and went painstakingly through every line item in this year's capital budget and the planned forward capital works for the five years ahead.

Collectively, we prioritised what would be included, what would be deferred to future years as well as deciding which projects would be put forward in State and Federal funding submissions.

While all councillors may not necessarily agree or vote in favour of every aspect of this or future budgets, our workshop procedures ensure that every councillor is afforded the opportunity to voice an opinion through an inclusive decision-making process.

Subject to final adoption of the budget, the result of those deliberations will see Council investing $48.3million in a well targeted capital works program with a whole-of-Shire focus.

Project prioritisation, combined with the recent streamlining of organisational structures to realise greater operational efficiencies, have played a key role in also putting the budget on-track to return to surplus from next financial year.

The budget also has no planned new borrowings which will see debt decreasing from $85.3million to $80.5million this financial year and decreasing further by approximately 69 per cent to $27million by 2027-28.

On another positive note, the total value of the community's net assets has further increased over the past 12 months to a current value of $949million and forecast to reach approximately $1.15billion by 2028.

I would like to publicly acknowledge the exceptional input of our capable Deputy Mayor Nigel Hutton.

As chairman of the Planning, Finance, Innovation and Business Excellence Committee as well as the Audit, Risk and Business Improvement Committee, Cr Hutton's contribution in helping shape the 2018-19 Budget has been outstanding.

Bill Ludwig

Mayor of Livingstone Shire Council


Council's capital program for the 2018-19 budget is $48.3million once again with a significant proportion amounting to $14.6million secured from State and Federal funding sources.

Major projects on track to be delivered during 2018-19 include:

. Yeppoon Sewerage Treatment Plant Augmentation - $14.1m

. Emu Park Village & Foreshore Revitalisation - $2.9m

. Capricorn Coast Memorial Gardens - $2.9m

. 2.9klm shared pathway along Scenic Highway - $2.3m

. Completion of civil works for the Homemaker Centre - $1.8m

. Roundabout construction at Old Rockhampton and Barmaryee Road - $1.6m

. Sealing of 2.1km Svendsen Road - $1.6m

. Upgrade parking facilities at St Christopher's Chapel road in conjunction with TMR planned upgrades at the Nerimbera Boat Ramp - $1.2m

. Upgrade of St Christopher's Chapel Road to 8m to suit Type 1 road trains - $1.0m

. Signalised intersection on Taranganba Road to improve school safety - $1.2m

. Renewal of unsealed rural gravel roads - $1.1m

. Rural sealed pavement renewal program - $1.0m

. Replace and widening Daly Creek bridge - $850,300

. Thirteen concrete rural floodway upgrades across the Shire - $774,244

. Flood mitigation works for Yeppoon Creek outlets - $773,000

. Reseal urban road program - $1.0m

. Yeppoon Town Centre Smart Precinct and Lighting project - $895,000

In total, just over $19 million has been set aside in the capital budget for roads and associated transport infrastructure with a further $6.5m planned for maintenance programs.

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