Application for Building Work Information

  1. Building Application Process

    The Building Application Process pages on our website include information on property, change a building approval, development approval system, plans, amendment, permit, private building certifier, assessing officer,

  2. What needs a Building Permit

    The What needs a Building Permit page on our website includes information such as Building Regulations 2006, development application, dwelling, planning, planning scheme, swimming pools, concurrence approval, building projects, demolition or removal, building permit.

  3. Planning Scheme & Building

    the Planning Scheme and Building pages of our website include information such as zone, preliminary, material change of use, data, property, building and duty planner.

  4. Application requirements

    The Application requirements page on our website includes information such as buildings, habitable dwellings, amended plans, approval, carport, patio, shade shelter, building code, shed, dwelling, demolititon, fences, garage, pergola, retaining wall, solar hot water system, roofs, swimming pool, variation to boundary setback

  5. Building Additions/Extensions - Non-Sewered Area

    Where additional bedrooms are proposed to an existing building in a non-sewered service area, and regardless if plumbing/drainage works are proposed, state legislation requires that a referral application must be made to the local authority to assess if the existing wastewater management system can accept a potential increase in wastewater as a result of the development.

  6. Building Projects Demolition/Removal

  7. Swimming Pools

  8. Concurrence Assessments

  9. Lodge Application Online