Emu Park Village and Foreshore Revitalisation

Emu Park Village and Foreshore Revitalisation Project Stage 3 is now in the planning stages which will continue to see the Emu Park Village and Foreshore areas compliment the completed Anzac Commemorative project. View the concept plans here.

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Stage 3 will incorporate the upgrade to Electricity and water in Emu and Granville Streets as well as beautification of these streets. This stage will also include the revitalisation of Kerr Park with playgrounds, shelters and green space areas as well as connectivity to the foreshore and the Anzac Commemorative Precinct.

The Emu Park community in partnership with Livingstone Shire council made a commitment to complete elements of the masterplan as funding became available. Stage 3 is now funded and able to be completed thanks to the State Government, Bendigo Bank and Livingstone Shire Council.

Livingstone Shire Council in conjunction with project partners: State Government and Bendigo Bank as well as a dedicated community.

Emu and Granville Streets as well as Kerr Park and foreshore areas bordering Kerr Park.

Construction is expected to begin in November 2018 and be completed by April 2019.

Council has secured State funding as well as a funding partnership with Bendigo Bank to contribute to this project.
Livingstone Shire Council $2,200,000
State Government  $1,800,000 (Building our Regions funding) and $250,000 (via Brittany Lauga)
Bendigo Bank $300,000
Additional Funding Opportunities
Emu Park Lions $35,000 (Gambling Benefit Fund) and health and fitness equipment along the Foreshore





Playground Shade Structure

Shaded with the hard colour bond structure

Similar playground area with elegant and durable shade playscape.

BBQ facilities


2 single units, 1 double unit.

Shade shelters and structures


45% more shade shelters than existing.

Playground Equipment pieces

Old playground equipment

The modern playground features with more equipment to cater for a range of age groups and abilities through diverse, challenging and fun play opportunities, with an underlying commitment to safety in accordance with Australian Standards.

Special Play Feature


Flying Fox with soft fall and seatings. The inclusion of a flying fox apparatus in contemporary playscapes has proved to be a successful component for introducing and
encouraging active / energetic play.

Beach Sports Terrace


Beach Sports Terrace provides a substantial level area of open grass suitable for a variety of beach sports such as beach cricket or beach volleyball.

 Beach Access

Not with accessible ramp

The proposed new beach access provides a fresh focus and improved amenity including accessible ramped pathway and beach showers for access to the main beach area, creating a direct link with both the playscape and the coastal pathway.
Construction from off form coloured concrete.



Two feature art elements, a sea snake and a hump back whale, 'wrap' around part of the perimeter of the soft fall space, providing incidental play opportunities, seating and a retaining function whilst reinforcing a foreshore/
coastal theme.

CWA Shelters

Old structure with an asbestos roof

A new structure with current building design codes. The new shelter
will be lowered in order to improve access and a small courtyard adjacent to the entry provides improved amenity.


Existing trees will be kept

Additional trees will be planted along with planting areas. A grove of advanced/ mature transplanted Pandanus palms with interlocking
canopies provide a pocket of dense shade adjacent to the main playscape.

Coastal Pathways


Approximately 250 metres of the new pathway.

Low Seating / Retaining Walls


Approximately 50 metres of new seating.

Wave field


New landscape feature- The manipulation of the earth to form wave-like shapes is an established subject of the land art movement and its inclusion in the design, given the foreshore location, is considered particularly appropriate. The Wave Field serves not only as a simple
symbolic sculptural element evoking the waves on the bay but also as an addition to the suite of play opportunities and as a platform for seating and observation of
the main play area.



Total New Car Park: 148

SLSC – 70 parks
Granville St – 21 parks
Emu St – 49 Parks
Tennent – 8 Parks

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Concept Plan - proposed design to fit with current budget and time opportunities.