Right to Information

Right to Information Day 2018                                    

Trust and Transparency

Right to Information Day will be held on 28 September and Livingstone is an Official Partner of the 2018 event. Throughout the week we will confirm our commitment to improving access to information for the community consistent with the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) and the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act).

The RTI Act and IP Act are part of a broader framework supporting us to meet community expectations for a more open, transparent and accountable government.

This year’s theme is 'Trust and Transparency’, which will shift our focus from the right to information principles to the practices that deliver greater openness, transparency and accountability to the public sector.

Click here to access our agency’s publication scheme and administrative access arrangements, such as online services, are examples of how we proactively release information to the community.   However, certain sensitive information may not be released where the RTI Act and IP Act recognise to do so would be contrary to the broader public interest, for example certain law enforcement information.

More information about right to information is available here at our website or alternatively you can visit the Office of the Information Commissioner’s website www.oic.qld.gov.au