Draft Livingstone Planning Scheme

Council on 13 October 2017 forwarded the final draft Livingstone Planning Scheme 2018, with amendments to The Minister seeking approval to adopt and commence. The amendments include changes to align the new plan with the Planning Act 2016 to align the language and rules with the new legislation, and minor changes made in response to submissions received during the earlier public consultation.

There is a requirement for local governments to prepare a Local Government Infrastructure Plan as part of planning scheme drafting to align preferred areas for urban development in the planning scheme area with a plan to deliver essential trunk infrastructure. This is via the development of a Local Government Infrastructure Plan which will form Part 4 of the Council’s new planning scheme. On 24 November 2017 the draft Local Government Infrastructure Plan and required documentation prepared by Councils appointed reviewer, Cardno, was forwarded to The Minster for review and approval to commence public notification. 

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Council resolved at its meeting on 6 June 2017 how to respond to all 135 submissions received on the publicly notified version of the planning scheme. This decision coincided with the commencement of new legislation for Queensland - the Planning Act 2016

To enable the new planning scheme to align with the rules of this new legislation, alignment amendments were undertaken with the partnership and assistance of The Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning and Ethos Urban (previously Buckley Vann Planning + Development).

The aligned version of the final Livingstone Planning Scheme was lodged with the Department of Infrastructure Local Government and Planning on 13 October 2017, some two weeks prior to state election being called on 29 October 2017. Due to the state election being held on 25 November 2017 and the new Cabinet only being announced on 11 December 2017 it is unknown at this time when Council can expect a notice from The Minister to commence the new Livingstone Planning Scheme.

Council’s website will be updated and a further email forwarded when more is known in this regard.