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Members of Livingstone Shire Libraries can access popular Australian and international eBooks and eAudiobooks using the free BorrowBox app. 

Books are always better than the movie, so if you fancy listening to the award winning 'The Dressmaker' (set in the 1950s in rural Australia, beautiful and talented dressmaker Tilly returns to her hometown to right some past wrongs, and while transforming the fashion of the town, falls in love) as an eAudiobook, or perhaps you are interested in listening to the internationally acclaimed 'The Book Thief' (a 2005 book, turned into a movie in 2013, about a German family in the Nazi era, from the point of view of a child born to communist parents, who sent to live with a German family. Taught to read by her foster-father, the girl begins 'borrowing' books and sharing them with the Jewish refugee her foster parents are sheltering). Best-selling ebooks by authors like Judy Nunn, Kate Morton, Nora Roberts, and Jeffrey Archer are also available as loans. 

There are also eAudio and ebooks on the subject of business, advice, biographies, lifestyle writing or stories for young adults or children, you are sure to find the perfect title to borrow.

Download BorrowBox for FREE, and get access to bestselling eBooks and eAudiobooks. BorrowBox is an award winning Australian App that enables members to browse and borrow eBooks and eAudiobooks straight onto their Apple or Android device for a limited period through digital loans.

Click on the image below to get direct access.  
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