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After listening to the needs of local businesses, the community and stakeholders, Council has introduced a new regulated parking strategy. The strategy came into effect on 14 October 2019 following a one month grace period in September. 

After seeking input from the wider community, a parking strategy was introduced to facilitate turnover of carpark spaces and to provide fairer and more equitable access to convenient parking for customers of local businesses and visitors to our foreshore attractions.

The hours of operation for regulated (time) parking in the Yeppoon Town Centre (2 to 3 hour zones) and Foreshore paid parking areas are from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 8:30 am to 12:00 pm on Saturdays. 

The hours of operation for paid parking around the Yeppoon Lagoon are 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Sunday unless otherwise signed, to align closely with the times in the regulated parking zones. 

Council’s Local Laws Officers will be monitoring parking areas on a regular basis. It is important to be familiar with the different areas, how to make payment and payment locations. 

Please ensure that you check the time you enter your park, as well as acknowledge what area you are parking in. Thank you for your assistance. 

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If you’re visiting the Yeppoon Town Centre you can take advantage of free parking in the Yeppoon Town Centre multi-story carpark and other non-limited time parking areas, or if you want to park close to the shops there is free limited time parking in some of our central zones. This will mean greater availability and better turnover of car parks on a more regular basis.

The Smart Parking zone at Yeppoon Lagoon will allow for unlimited time parking, with the area being regulated by a pay-per-hour system. The Capricorn Coast Smart Parking app is free to download (available 14 October 2019) and allows you to find and navigate to a suitable parking space using the familiar Google Maps interface with traffic conditions and verbal driving directions. It also provides information around parking allowances and regulations and tariffs and you can also filter to show bay types such as free zones or special use bays.

If parking in a paid parking zone you can pay via the app, check the time you have left, and if you are delayed you can also pay for more time without returning to your car. You can also pay for your parking using one of the four available, parking meters using your credit card. Make sure you download the Capricorn Coast Smart Parking app and you’re on your way to a hassle free journey and easy parking experience.

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In the interest of improving customer experience, reducing carbon emissions and alleviating traffic congestion, Livingstone Shire Council have implemented parking technology to make parking around Yeppoon Town Centre and the area surrounding Yeppoon Lagoon a breeze.

Capricorn Coast Smart Parking App logo text web    THE APP WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD FROM 14 OCTOBER 2019

The Capricorn Coast Smart Parking app helps you find available on-street parking around the Yeppoon Lagoon precinct. Using real-time data and sensors, the app will show you the available parking spaces. The coloured markers (red, green, and amber) indicate the number of parks which are available.

Tapping a map marker will give you more information about the parking controls in that area. This includes hours of operation, time limits, parking fees, and other restrictions. By typing in your destination, the app can display and guide you to available parking options nearby.

Once you’ve found your park, the app lets you pay directly on your smart device. There’s no need to make payment at the Ticket Machine!

To pay for parking via the app, you will need to create an account and log in. As an account holder, you’ll be able to remotely ‘top up’ your parking to the time limit, without having to return to your vehicle. You will be notified when your parking is about to expire which will help you know when you need to return to your vehicle.

Download the Capricorn Coast Smart Parking app from your app store from 14 October and take the worry out of parking at Yeppoon Lagoon.


Available in Guest Mode: 
- Find available parking near your destination
- Real-time updates of parking availability
- Turn-by-turn navigation to your selected location

Also available once you’ve logged in:
- Pay for your parking via the app
- Receive notifications when your parking is about to expire
- Remotely ‘top up’ your parking session to the time limit, without having to return to your vehicle
- Remembers your vehicle and payment details for future use
To use the Capricorn Coast Smart Parking app, you will need to have an internet data connection. To utilise all the features you must have ‘notifications’ and ‘location services’ switched on.

For more questions, see our FAQ tab or watch our Smart Parking video