Water Treatment and Supply

Water Treatment and Supply
Discover how Council provides safe, reliable and cost efficient water and sewerage services to the Capricorn Coast community through a vast network of treatment plants, mains, reservoirs, dams and pump stations.

Water Treatment Plants

Livingstone Shire Council maintains two water treatment plants located at Woodbury and Marlborough which source and treat water from storages to supply safe and secure water to residents living within the Livingstone Shire.

Woodbury Water Treatment Plant
The Woodbury Water Treatment Plant is located in the locality of
Woodbury which is 17km north of Yeppoon on the Capricorn Coast. 

Commencing operation in 1988, Woodbury Water Treatment Plant has
a design capacity of 21.6ML/d.  Prior to the commencement of operation
of the Rockhampton to Yeppoon Pipeline, the maximum demand placed on the Woodbury Water Treatment Plant was 18ML/d. This demand has been offset with the Rockhampton to Yeppoon pipeline now in operation. 
Marlborough Water Treatment Plant
The Marlborough Water Treatment Plant is a reverse osmosis plant that was constructed in September 2011; however an identical treatment train was added in early 2012 to expand the capacity to a total of 100kL/d. 

Each WTP treatment train has a maximum treatment capacity of 50kL/d and treats raw water sourced from the Marlborough bore site located on Glenprairie Road.

Water Sources
Livingstone Shire Council is responsible for the management of the following water sources supplying water to the Capricorn Coast, Marlborough and Ogmore:
  1. Capricorn Coast
  2. Water Park Creek
  3. Marlborough
  4. The Caves
  5. Ogmore
  6. Pipeline

Capricorn Coast Water Supply System
The Capricorn Coast Water Supply system is a potable (drinking) water supply based on a conventional on-demand reticulation system. The system sources water from Water Park Creek and is supplemented by the Fitzroy River via the Rockhampton to Yeppoon Pipeline. 

Water is supplied to areas from north of Yeppoon and south to Keppel Sands. There are 10 reservoirs in the water supply system with a combined capacity of 26 million litres.

Water Storage

Livingstone Shire Council is responsible for management of the following water storage assets supplying water to the Capricorn Coast, Marlborough and Ogmore:

  1. Water Park Creek
  2. Kelly's Offstream
  3. Montrose Creek
  4. Reservoir

Water Park Creek Weir

Water Park Creek Weir is a small 1.3m high concrete weir located on Water Park Creek. The weir has been the primary source of water for the Capricorn Coast from Yeppoon to Emu Park. Water is pumped from the weir to Kelly’s Storage which is adjacent to the Woodbury Water Treatment Plant which processes the Capricorn Coast water supplies. 

In 2010, the Capricorn Coast water supply was supplemented by a potable supply via the Rockhampton to Yeppoon Pipeline which alleviated some of the demands on the Water Park Creek supplies. The weir is located in a pristine environment and has a storage capacity of 300mL. 

Water Mains

Water mains distribute water from creeks or river catchments to the treatment plant for treatment, to the reservoir for storage and to your home or business for consumption. 

The connections include the total number of residential and non-residential properties connected to a water supply, but do not include vacant land.
The total length of water mains includes the reticulated water mains and the reticulation mains delivering water for urban areas.

Locality Connections Km of water mains  Km of recycled mains 
Capricorn Coast  12,954 634.9 34.6
Marlborough 50 7.5  
Ogmore  48 8.7  
*This data is correct as at 30 June 2017 as per the Statewide Water Information Management data submitted annually to the Queensland Water Directorate.