Water Conservation

Being waterwise is easy. Make a difference today!
Livingstone Shire Council is committed to protecting our natural resources and preserving the environment.
By using water wisely, we can all help to make sure we have enough water now and in the future. Here are some water-saving ideas for inside your home:

 Conservation - bathroom Save up to 100 litres a day
In your
Conservation - laundry  Save up to 280 litres a day
In your Laundry
 Conservation - kitchen Save up to 50 litres a day
In your Kitchen

- Turn off the tap while cleaning your teeth
- Keep showers to less than four minutes
- When saving, fill the sink with water
  rather than running the tap.
- Fix leaking taps, toilets and showers 
- Install water-efficient devices

- Do a full load of washing each time
- Match the washing machine water-level to 
  the load
- Fix leaking taps
- Install water-efficient devices

- Scrape plates clean instead of rinsing
- Do not use running water to thaw food
- Soak your pots and pans rather than
  scrubbing them under running water
- Rinse vegetables in a container and use
  water in the garden
- Make sure the dishwasher is full each time
- Fix leaking taps
- Install water-efficient devices.

The Queensland Government has produced a range of information on how to use water wisely around your home and garden. Visit the website at https://www.qld.gov.au/environment/water/residence/use for more details.