Livingstone 2050: Shaping Our Tomorrow

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Livingstone Shire Council is undertaking a long-term strategic planning project in order to gain a greater awareness of the community's needs, aspirations, opportunities, and challenges over a thirty-year horizon.

Livingstone 2050: Shaping Our Tomorrow will draw on consultation and engagement from stakeholders across the local community, not-for-profit community organisations, business, advocacy groups, non-government organisations, and government agencies to ensure a comprehensive vision for the future is achieved.

This project, guided by the community, will enable Council to:

  • provide a united strategic vision for long-term sustainable growth and development in the Livingstone region;
  • provide a foundation for consistent decision making over the long term;
  • provide a basis for project and resource allocation priorities;
  • facilitate understanding of our roles and responsibilities in the community and build stronger relationships between Council and the community; and
  • give confidence to key stakeholders, investors and the public that the Council and the region knows where it is heading and how it intends to get there.