The Livingstone Planning Scheme 2018 (Version 2)

Notice is given that on 19 June 2018, Council adopted an amendment to Version 1 of the planning scheme document for the purpose of including a Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP).  This amendment results in Version 2 of the Livingstone Planning Scheme 2008.  Version 2 of the planning scheme commences on 25 June 2018.

The Local Government Infrastructure Plan adopted on 19 June 2018 (in effect on 25 June 2018) has undergone the statutory process outlined in Statutory Guideline 01/16: Making and Amending Local Planning Instruments. This involved consultation with relevant state agencies, public consultation and review of submissions, and engagement of an appointed reviewer.  The notice published in the QLD Government Gazette on 22 June 2018 can be viewed here.

The Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) is contained in Part 4 of the planning scheme. Supporting material and mapping associated with the Local Government Infrastructure Plan is contained in Schedule 3 of the planning scheme.  The map index in Schedule 3 contains links to maps.  Background information and other extrinsic material associated with the LGIP is available on this website (view LGIP extrinsic material here).

The Livingstone Planning Scheme 2018 (Version 1), which commenced on 1 May 2018, becomes a superseded planning scheme on 25 June 2018.

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