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What is a HPV?

HPV means "Human Powered Vehicle" This term includes all vehicles that are powered only by muscular-strength. The large area of HPV can be divided into many categories. The largest is the bicycle. But you can find HPV's in the air, in and under the water and also on the rail. Some HPV's are built for competition to get faster and faster, but others are for daily use, like the rickshaw in India. A real HPV can be powered by an electric engine, but the energy must come from a human powered generator. Electric bicycles with batteries onboard do not include as HPV's.

LAND HPV - Velomobiles

Velomobile, Bicycle Car, Streamliner - these are names for bicycles with full fairing. The aerodynamic shell provides protection from wind and rain. Velomobiles are built for everyday use and for race. A streamliner, for example, is a two-wheeled faired bicycle and such type has set many HPV Land Records. Most Velomobiles have 3 wheels, but there are also those with four wheels.