Applications Online

Save time by submitting your application online.

To lodge an application on line you are required to be a Registered User.

Registration allows you to access secure online Council Services with a User Name and valid email address. Your details will be checked against current Council name and address records and your registration will be linked where relevant. Your request for registration will be processed within two business days and you will be advised by email when you can sign in.

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Lodgement of New Applications Online

Only new applications can be lodged online. You will receive an email confirmation for lodgement of the application. This is a lodgement service only and acceptance of this application does not constitute a properly made application. 

A properly made application requires:

NOTE: Council reserves the right to request additional fees if required once the application is received and the scope of the application assessed.

For further information on details required or for confirmation of fees, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 790 919 or 07 4913 5000.

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  1. File Requirement

If you are using the online form to submit your application to Livingstone Shire Council, there are specific file requirements for it to be accepted. The file requirements are:

File format

All files must be in PDF format:

  • created by a software program, not by a scanner
  • unlocked with no password protection
  • unzipped

File size

You can upload files within the form with a total of up to 20Mb at one time. 

File name

File names must:

  • be the name of the type of document as shown below and
  • not have symbols, including underscores

Specific file naming advice includes:

Application Forms

Filename example: Application Forms.pdf

Specific requirements: Combine all forms into one single PDF document, including all IDAS forms


Filename example: Submitted Plans.pdf

Specific requirements: Combine all plans into one single PDF document

Other documentation

Filename example: Supporting Documentation.pdf

Specific requirements: Combine all other documentation into one single PDF document, including cover letter etc.

Assessment reports

Filename example: Name the file according to the name of the report, e.g.  Traffic Report.pdf

Specific requirements: Attach as a single PDF