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Livingstone Shire Council invites interested parties to submit their credentials to develop art installations for several different settings within the Yeppoon Town Centre.  The Council is looking for ‘high visual impact’ creative art pieces to enhance the region’s identity and sense of place.  Concepts that consider the cultural, site specific and local character of the Yeppoon community are preferred.  The art doesn’t have to be necessarily defined by these considerations as long as it constitutes a character-defining feature on its own.  Creativity and quality are the most important attributes sought.

Location opportunities include artistic treatment of:

  1. A prominent concrete retaining wall on Barry Street in Yeppoon.  See location maps and photos of wall elevation in Attachment A.  (Budget is approximately $50,000)
  2. Various walls within the Yeppoon Town Centre Carpark.  (illustrative photos included in Attachment A).  Council has identified the mezzanine level wall (second photo in Section 2 of Attachment) as the preferred wall for art treatment although Council will consider other ideas in consultation with the artist. (Budget is approximately $25,000)
  3. Building walls enclosing a newly designated prominent laneway in the Town Centre. The treatment of art on the west building wall will be managed by Council officers, while selection and payment for installation of the east building wall will be overseen by the owner of this building.  No budget has been identified for the east wall. (Budget for the west wall is approximately $5,000 -10,000)
  4. The general laneway environment.  Council is seeking concepts for artistic treatment of the laneway pavement, potential shade cloth installations, seating, planter boxes, edge fencing and other elements that can contribute to the development of a strong sense of place in the laneway.  (Budget is approximately $10,000 -15,000)

Artists and designers are invited to demonstrate their capacity to deliver distinctive, surprising and place-defining art installations in these locations.  Interested parties may submit for all or some of the opportunities listed.  Interested parties may include concepts with their submission if they choose, but initially Council is seeking only to develop a shortlist of qualified providers. Final selection will be made following discussion of concepts with shortlisted proposers.  Initial submissions will be evaluated against such considerations as portfolio/skills, capabilities, experience, local connection and timing.  Shortlisted artists will be further evaluated according to their intended approach and the impact, quality and value of the proposed artwork:

A stipend may be provided for further concept development. 

Artists may be selected to address one, some or all of the art opportunities available. Artists may collaborate with whoever they consider necessary for delivering approved concepts.  Council officers can provide an orientation tour of opportunity sites upon request. 

The total budget for all projects will be approximately $100,000.  These projects support implementation of the Yeppoon Foreshore and Town Centre Master Plan.  Council would like to see installation underway as soon as possible but is willing to work around existing commitments for successful artists.  The artist will provide all materials and equipment required to complete installations. 

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