North Keppel Island

This beach/campsite is located in Keppel Bay Islands National Park
 which extends from Curtis Island to Corio Bay off the central Qld coast and includes 15 islands. Considine Beach is the main beach located at North Keppel Island.

Travel to the islands is by private boat or water taxi from Rosslyn Bay Harbour, 15 km east of Yeppoon. Access to Barren and Peak islands is restricted.

The North Keppel Island camping area can be reached by boat only, and is only suitable for tentsThe island is an open and grassy area scattered with Livistona palms and the native hibiscus or cotton treeExplore the island along 3 walking tracks, or swim and fish at Considine BeachMost rain falls during summer but can occur at other times of the yearCyclones are more likely between December and April.

Diving and snorkelling are popular in this area. You can snorkel on the fringing reefs at Mazie Bay (North Keppel), Olive Point headland (Middle Island), Humpy Island or Miall Island. Diving is particularly good on reefs surrounding North Keppel, Middle, Miall and Conical islands. Please take care not to damage the fragile coral.

Note: You must be either a certified diver or under instruction with a registered diving company to dive on the Keppel Bay reefs.

Boating and fishing are popular activities for visitors to Keppel Bay Islands National Park.
Restrictions apply to fishing, spear fishing and collecting in the marine park waters.

Boat launch facilities and charters are available from Rosslyn Bay Harbour.

Three locations around the Keppel Bay islands are no anchoring areas

  • Great Keppel Island—Monkey Beach Reef and Big Peninsula
  • Barren Island—Northern side
  • Humpy Island—West of the camping area
The Keppel Bay islands and surrounding reefs are important sea turtle habitat. Be vigilant when out on the water to avoid injuring turtles and marine life.
Fires and ash-producing fuels are not permitted. The nearest shop and fuel are in Rosslyn Bay.
While mobile coverage is generally reliable, VHF marine radios and satellite phones are recommended.

These facilities are located at the nearby campsite:

-  Showers (Occasionally water is not available) -  Picnic Tables
-  Composting Toilets -  Fishing
-  Sail Boat Access -  Swimming
-  Trekking Trails -  Ranger
-  No Fires Allowed (Recommend Gas and Fuel Stoves) -  No Pets Allowed
-  No Rubbish Disposal -  Visitors Must Bring Their Own Drinking Water