Nine Mile Beach

Nine Mile Beach is 13 km long, facing east and runs essentially due south from the southern flanks of Stockyard Point to Water Park Point.


The beach and massive backing dune fields lie within Byfield National Park and are accessible by 4WD along
a 7km sandy track off the Byfields Road. The track reaches the beach 2km south of Stockyard Point.

There is no development on the beach, however fresh water can be obtained from the many soaks that drain across the beach, including a small waterfall toward the northern end. A track also leads up to the Stockyard shack settlement and the entire beach can be driven at low tide when firm sand is exposed.

Waves and Tide

The beach receives waves averaging 0.6 m and consists of a 50 m wide high tide beach, fronted by a 150 m wide low tide bar which, during high waves, is usually cut by rips every 200 m, resulting in up to 50 rips along the beach. A shore parallel trough and outer bar, cut by more widely spaced rips, lie just offshore.


The best swimming is at mid to high tide, as rips are often present at low tide. Nine Mile Beach is the closest big wave beach outside of Yeppoon and is often visited by locals. The breaks are better at mid to low tide.


This beach is popular with the locals and visitors who usually fish the rips or drive down the beach to fish and catch crabs in Corio Bay.


A long and relatively energetic beach with freshwater soaks and massive dunes.