Yeppoon Main Beach + Ross Creek

Yeppoon Main Beach
Ross Creek

Yeppoon is 40 kilometres east of Rockhampton City, and 20 kilometres north of Emu Park. Yeppoon Main Beach has traditionally been the main surfing beach and is patrolled by Surf Lifesaving Club. Yeppoon Beach is site of the surf lifesaving club, located at the end of the main shopping street.

The beach is 1.4 km long, extending from the low intertidal rocks at Spring Head almost due south to the mouth of Ross Creek, where there is a small breakwater. Unfortunately erosion has plagued the beach and today it is backed by a continuous seawall, behind which there are parking areas and a grassy reserve, with the main road paralleling the northern half of the beach. The surf club is located in the reserve toward the northern end of the beach and the Keppel Bay Sailing Club toward the southern end, where sailing boats are often launched.

Waves and Tide
The seawall is reached by the waves at high tide, resulting in little to no high tide beach and a low, flat 200m to 300m wide low tide beach composed of fine sand. The beach is partially protected from waves by the Keppel Island group, and waves average only 0.5m.

A relatively safe beach; just be careful at low tide when you have to walk a long way to reach the water, and near the southern end which has both deeper water and strong tidal currents.

Ross Creek is generally a better option for successful fishing.

Sailing boats are launched near the Keppel Bay Sailing Club.

A major tourist destination and a popular and very accessible beach, backed by all tourist facilities.
Please note that dogs are not allowed.

Yeppoon’s foreshore is a popular destination for tourists and locals and is the location for the new zero-depth water play facility known as the Keppel Kraken. This zero depth water play feature is new to Yeppoon and is a hub for social and active play. 

The beach has excellent access ramps, toilets, electric BBQs and picnic facilities. It is also the focal point for many coastal community events, such as Pinefest and annual Australia Day celebrations.

-  Picnic -  Toilets
-  Lookout  -  Gas BBQ
-  Parking -  Cycling
-  Swimming -  Kayaking
-  Sailing -  Fishing                                
-  Drinking Water Available