Wave Point

Wave Point beach begins on the southern side of the Ross Creek groyne and curves around for 500m, with a roughly north-east orientation. There are rocks on the beach, which ends against the rocky, 20m high Wave Point.

Waves and Tide
Waves average less than 0.5m and break across a wide, low gradient low tide bar and beach. Chance of low, spilling waves at Cooee Bay and Lammermoor Beach.

The more popular beaches are Cooee Bay Beach and Lammermoor Beach, due to the rocks dominating Wave Point and Statue Bay, and Rosslyn Bay given over to boating.

While most people fishing choose Rosslyn Bay, there are several rocky points at high tide that might prove fruitful.

The beach is backed by beachfront houses wedged between the main road and the beach, with houses also located on the point. This is another beach that is mostly used by locals, as opposed to tourists who usually go to Rosslyn Bay Harbour for the ferry to Great Keppel Island.

There is a small car park toward the southern end of the beach.