Water Park Point

Water Park Point is an irregular, 80m high headland that forms the southern boundary of Nine Mile Beach and the northern head of Corio Bay
. There is no formal vehicle access to the point or the beach and no development. 

The Water Park Point faces north-east and is wedged into two small adjoining valleys. The beach has an irregular, rocky backshore, then 100m-wide intertidal to low tide sandy beach. Further on, the beach is backed by a 50m boulder beach, flanked by wide rock platforms and fronted by a similar sandy beach.

Waves and Tide
Waves average about 0.4 m and spill across the low gradient bar. Little Corio Bay usually has a beach break and picks up most swell.

Little Corio Bay is the more attractive beach as it has less rock. 

There are excellent rocks to fish from at Water Park Point

It is well worth a slow walk around Water Park Point to see the views of the headlands. It’s nice to also stop for a swim, surf or some fishing at one of the beaches.