Statue Bay

Statue Bay houses a low energy, 600m long, north facing beach. The beach is backed by a foreshore reserve, with a car park in the centre of the beach and access to the beach for high tide boat launching.

The main road backs the reserve, with a few houses on the other side of the road. The beach consists of a coarse, steep, sand and cobble high tide beach fronted by low tide rock flats, including a few mangroves on the eastern rocks. The breakwater for the Rosslyn Bay boat harbour extends off these rocks.

Waves and Tide
There is a chance of low spilling waves at Cooee Bay and Lammermoor.

Rocks dominate Statue Bay, therefore swimming is discouraged.

Shore fishers prefer to use Rosslyn Bay Boat Harbour breakwaters, but you can also fish from several rocky points at high tide.

Boats are launched from the car park using the access at high tide.

The beaches around here are mostly used by locals and are largely bypassed by tourists enroute to
Rosslyn Bay Harbour.


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