Stanage Bay

Stanage Bay covers the whole point, however the tagged point in the above map is where the boat ramp is.

The remote township of Stanage is actually three separate mini-suburbs. Alligator Bay is the first turn-off, Happy Valley the next and the road then continues into Stanage Bay. This could be referred to as the CBD as it is the location of the area’s two main businesses, the Endeavour Park campsite, boat ramp, Coast Guard and the Sea Rescue facilities.

Alligator Bay and Stanage Bays are two bays south of the eastern Arthur Point. The two bays face north-east and are backed by mainly cleared, gently rising land, with the main Stanage Bay Road running less than 1km west, providing road access to each. Stanage Bay is the second main bay on the northern peninsula and contains one of the nicer beaches.

It is a 1.7km long, curving, low gradient beach, broken in the centre by a 20m high islet connected to the low tide bar. Stanage Point, capped by 70m high Bald Hill, forms the southern boundary, with a 20m high cleared headland separating it from Alligator Bay.

Waves and Tide
Low, rideable waves break in Stanage Bay only during strong easterly winds and waves. The beach receives waves averaging less than 0.5m that come right up the beach at high tide, while low tide reveals a 200m wide bar. Two creeks drain across the beach, one north of the islet and a second in the southern corner.

Stanage Bay is one of the safer beaches in the area, with usually low waves spilling across the shallow bar. All three headland-bound beaches (Arthur Point, Alligator and Stanage Bays) offer the best swimming and recreation.

Best fishing is off the rocky point and platforms, and in the two Stanage Bay creeks.

There is a very good two-lane concrete boat ramp for boat owners. This is quite steep and restricts the larger boats to about a three to four-hour window either side of the tide. It is wise to practise your reversing skills and make sure your boat is ready to launch as soon as it hits the water.

The two lane concrete boat ramp is tidal and most of the estuary is not surveyed so please speak to a local or at least view the waterways at low tide from the boat ramp to give you some idea of the tide height difference and calculate when you will be able to launch and retrieve your boat.

Coast Guard Thirsty Sound Channel 81 gives local weather forecasts at 6.33am.

Stanage Bay beach is backed by cleared land of the Stanage Bay homestead, located 400m in from the beach.

The roads around Stanage Bay get flooded with heavy rains, so be sure to factor this into your plans.

Make sure you have spare fuel in your car. Stanage Bay is also sparse with drinking water, so it would be wise to make sure you have plenty on you before you get to town.


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