Rosslyn Bay

Located 7km south of Yeppoon on Scenic Highway to Emu Park, between Statue Bay and Double Head lies Rosslyn Bay. Rosslyn Bay is the departure point for transfers to Great Keppel Island and a range of cruising and boat charters around Keppel Bay.

Waves and Tide
Rosslyn Bay is given over to boating activities.

Rosslyn Bay is given over to boating activities.     

Most shore fishers use the Rosslyn Bay boat harbour breakwaters, while you can also fish from the several rocky points at high tide.

Rosslyn Bay is a man-made harbour with a public jetty, boat ramps, Coast Guard and Service Station.

Prior to development in the 1970's, Rosslyn Bay was a low energy, 500 m long beach. The bay has now been developed as a boat harbour, with breakwaters and boating facilities replacing most of the beach. All that remains is a 30 m long pocket of sand wedged in beside the large boat ramp.


-  Parking -  Drinking Water
-  Toilets     -  Motorboat Access