Ladies Beach

Ladies Beach is a 100m long pocket of sand backed by 20m high bluffs and bordered by rock platforms.

The two main surfing beaches immediately south of Emu Point were called Ladies and Mens Beaches. The small Ladies Beach still goes by that name, while Mens is now known as Emu Park Main Beach and is the site of the Surf Lifesaving Club.

A relatively safe beach, and is at its best at mid to high tide. Be careful when waves exceed 0.5m as rips
may occur, at low tide and around the rocks.

Waves and Tide
The beach receives waves averaging 0.5m that break across a 50m wide low tide bar; the high tide beach is usually absent, owing to the rocks. Ladies Beach is the surfing beach for Emu Park, offering a usually low beach break. Ladies Beach is one of the more hazardous beaches in the area, particularly when waves are breaking over the rocks.

For best results, fish off the rocks at each end.

There is a boat ramp on the north side of Emu Point.

Ladies Beach is a patrolled beach, has a large car park and the Singing Ship Memorial on the bluffs.


- Drinking Water Available - Parking