Kinka Beach

It is situated on the banks of Kinka Creek, about 6kms north of Emu Park and seventeen kilometres south of Yeppoon. Kinka beach is 3km long, faces east-north-east and consists of a narrow and, in places, eroding high tide beach fronted by several hundred metres of variable low tide sand flats and ridges. 

The creek that used to drain across the northern end of the beach has been dammed by The Causeway and the tidal flats are still readjusting to the absence of the tidal currents that flowed in and out of the creek. To combat the resulting shoreline dynamics, a seawall and more recently an artificial sand barrier have been built along the northern end of the beach.

The protected southern end of Kinka Beach ends at a mangrove-fringed tidal creek, on the other side of which is the very low energy beach 1372, a 1.2 km long, crenulate, curving, north facing, narrow high tide beach fronted by several hundred metres of tidal flats and numerous mangroves. There is a vehicle track off the main road to the rear of the beach. The beach ends at a low, rocky, mangrove-fringed point, beyond which is a 500m long, west facing high tide beach fronted by extensive sand and rock flats.

The usually low waves and low gradients provide relatively safe swimming at Kemp and Mulambin.

The beach is backed by the main road, with parking areas and access provided at each end, and a caravan park, motel and houses along the western side of the road.