Keppel Sands Point

The Sands are surrounded by Cawarral Creek to the north, extensive tidal flats to the east and the long, swampy beach ridges of Cattle Point to the south, while mangrove-filled tidal creeks make up much of the backing land. Essentially, Keppel Sands Point is a land island by the sea.

Keppel Sands is located 15 km off the Emu Park Road and 40 km from Rockhampton. The road ends at the Sands and, apart from the locals, not many tourists make it out here. 

The southern point is a 200m long, low sandy beach (Keppel Sands Point) which is wedged between two rocky points. Backed by 40m high grassy bluffs, Keppel Sands Point has an Air-Sea Rescue station located on the crest, offering a commanding view of Keppel Bay. There is a road to the station, but no formal access to the beach.

Waves and Tide
No waves.

Keppel Sands Point can be used at high and low tide.

Keppel Sands is a fishing community, with most fishing taking place in the creeks and the bay. The best boat access is via Pumpkin Creek, where there is a boat ramp and a few jetties. You can only fish from the shore at high tide.

Keppel Sands Point is an out of the way, older style settlement with a caravan park for visitors.