Kemp Beach + Bluff Point + Bluff Rock Reef

Kemp Beach is located just south of Rosslyn Bay Marina, on the Scenic Highway that links Yeppoon and Emu Park. The Beach is nestled between two large post-volcanic trachyte headlands; Double Head to the north, and Bluff Point to the south, both of which are part of the Capricorn Coast National Park.
Waves and Tide
Only low spilling waves at Kemp Beach, averaging less than 0.5 m that break across a 200 m wide, low gradient low tide bar and up a moderate gradient high tide beach. A 10 m high, grass and casuarina-covered foredune backs the beach, with the road running along the back of the foredune to provide good access for the length of the beach.

Kemp is a popular spot for swimming, especially for people seeking deeper water and larger waves than the neighbouring flat beaches at Lammermoor and Mulambin. Kemp is quite popular and very accessible, with the usually low waves and very low gradients it makes swimming relatively safe.

Fishing is favourable on the northern end of the beach.

Kemp Beach has five walking access points, plenty of parking in either the car parking bays that line the highway or at the picnic area at the base of Bluff Point. Vehicles are not allowed on the beach.

Kemp Beach has no camping facilities. The car parks are routinely policed in the evenings and illegal campers moved on. Kemp Beach's distance from the nearest town lights also makes it a great place for stargazing with friends at night.

Dogs are permitted at designated times. Note that while dogs are allowed on leash at the beach, they are not allowed in the picnic areas or walking trails of the National Park.

The south end of Kemp Beach has a picnic area and a good walking trail over the top of Bluff Point. From the lookout, green turtles and dolphins are a common sight, and if you're lucky, the occasional dugong in the waters at the base of the cliff. The view of the surrounding coastline is well worth the climb.

The bushwalk takes about thirty minutes.

Just offshore is Bluff Rock which is a 10 minute paddle by kayak or canoe. 


-  Toilets -  Swimming
-  Parking -  Kayaking
-  Trekking -  Shower 
-  Fishing -  BBQ
-  Lookouts -  Drinking Water Available
-  No Camping -  No Vehicles on Beach
-  Stinger Warning -  Picnic Area