Five Rocks (also known as Three Rivers Beach)

ive Rocks beach is a straight 5.3km long, east facing beach that lies between The Three Rivers headland and Five Rocks Point. Five Rocks is named due to the presence of five distinctive sea stacks that sit atop the narrow, 600m long point. 

The entire beach is backed by stable, vegetated parabolic dunes that extend up to 8km inland and reach heights of over 200m. A relatively accessible beach, just 10km by sandy 4WD track from the Byfield Road.

The beach itself has a 50m wide, moderate gradient high tide beach, fronted by a 150m wide low tide bar. Average wave is 0.6m, occasionally has higher waves cutting rips every 200m. A trough and outer bar lie just seaward, with more widely spaced rips cutting the outer bar.

Waves and Tide
Five Rocks is the northernmost of the more accessible beaches (from Yeppoon) and is occasionally visited by local surfers looking for a beach break, when it gets windy or during occasional swell conditions.

This is a moderately safe beach when waves are less than 0.5m - above that the rips are active at mid to low tide.

The southern Five Rocks Point has extensive rock platforms and is a popular spot to fish.

Five Rocks Beach is partly located in the Byfield National Park, while a sign on the beach marks the beginning of the Shoalwater Bay Military Reserve and this area is often off limits.

Dogs are not permitted on any beach adjacent to Byfield National Park.

Five Rocks Visitor Area has camping, picnic tables, toilets and cold showers.


-  Camping -  Fires Allowed
-  4WD Only -  Toilets
-  Showers -  Picnic Area
-  Fishing -  No Dogs Allowed