Fishermans Beach

Fishermans Beach runs due south of Tanby Point for 2km, curving around Emu Point almost facing north. Twenty metre high vegetated dunes back the northern half, with access in the north also from Tanby Point.

Fishermans Beach is by far the more accessible, popular and safer beach in the area, servicing Emu Park
locals and visitors.

Waves and Tide
Fishermans Beach offers generally low, spilling waves that are usually higher on Tanby Beach.
Fishermans Beach is somewhat protected by the point and receives low waves in the south, rising to less
than 0.5m to the north. The waves break across a wide, low gradient low tide beach, with a moderately steep
high tide beach.

Fishermans Beach is the focus of boat fishing however there are plenty of rocks and rock platforms to fish
at high tide.

The protection afforded by Emu Point has long been used to launch fishing boats, thereby giving the beach its name.Today the southern end is backed by a large, grassy foreshore reserve and caravan park, with a long boat ramp protected by a groyne in the southern corner.


-  Formal Parking -  Drinking Water Available
-  Toilets -  Motorboat Access