Farnborough Beach

Farnborough Beach is composed of fine sand and exposed to waves averaging 0.8 metres. These factors maintain a low narrow high tide beach fronted by a 200 metre-wide, low gradient low tide beach. Waves spill across the low gradient bar at all stages of the tide, and rips are usually absent.

At Bangalee, there is a 4WD beach access onto Farnborough Beach. The beach which is seventeen
kilometres long, offers a good beach break for surfers and hosts the annual ‘Rock Yeppoon Surf Festival’.
The northern point of Farnborough beach is Sandy Point, and the beach ends in the south at Barwell Creek.

Waves and Tide
The waves can be flat or they can be high.

Relatively safe beach under normal low, spilling wave conditions. However, higher waves will induce rips
toward low tide and possibly longshore currents.

Most fishers head along the beach to Corio Bay, while some fish this beach at high tide.

Bangalee where most people access Farnborough Beach, has a boat ramp.

One of the longer beaches on the coast with good access and an international standard beachfront resort,
as well as many kilometres of natural beach.

Dogs are allowed off leash from Bangalee boat ramp onwards to Barwell Creek.