Corio Bay + Sandy Point + Bangalee




Situated on the southern bank of Corio Bay, Sandy Point is a pristine stretch of beach stretching twenty kilometres north of YeppoonCorio Bay is a dynamic, sand-filled tidal inlet. It has a 2 kilometre wide mouth between Water Park Point and the low Sandy Point. Sandy Point is the northern spit of the 17 kilometre long Farnborough Beach and barrier system that has built out up to 3 kilometres seaward, and accumulated over 20 kilometres of marine beach and sand dunes.

This large accumulation of sand and beach remains in a natural state for the first 10 kilometres, with the
southern 7 kilometres housing Capricorn International Resort, Farnborough Beach and Bangalee Beach.

To drive to Sandy Point along the beach, you will definitely need a 4WD. Also research the tides so you can plan
your trip. There is a 4x4 access via Bangalee, along the firm beach at low tide

Waves and Tide
Chance of low, spilling waves. The bigger and usually best waves are up closer toward the spit.

Be very careful at Corio Bay as there are strong tidal currents and deep channels off the spit.
Corio Bay is a renowned habitat for saltwater crocodiles. Swimming in the creeks at Corio Bay is definitely
not recommended. 

Bangalee and Sandy Point are relatively safe beaches under normal low, spilling wave conditions. However, higher waves will induce rips toward low tide, and possibly long shore currents. 

Most fishers head along the beach to Corio Bay, but some fish the main beach areas at high tide.

In dry weather, Sandy Point is accessible by gravel road through the back of Capricorn
International Resort.  

4WD: Sandy Point is accessible via beach access at Bangalee
. You will also drive though the beach area
of the Resort, so please take extra care and show courtesy when passing resort guests

There are no amenities, shops, or drinking water at Sandy Point or Corio Bay, so you will need to
take all supplies with you
. Bangalee Beach is close to Capricorn International Resort if you require
these facilities. 

-  Picnic Area -  Cycling
-  Lookouts  -  Swimming
-  Kayaking -  Sailing
-  Motorboat Access -  Fishing
-  Crocodile Warning  -  Stinger Alert
-  Parking -  Dogs on Leash Allowed