Cooee Bay

Located on the southern side of Wave Point is Cooee Bay, a 500 metre long, curving beach extending from the point to the southern Wreck Point. The beach is bordered by 20 metre high headlands with rocky platforms and reefs.

Waves and Tide
Cooee Bay has a moderately steep high tide sand beach fronted by a continuous, 50 metre wide, low-tide bar. Waves average less than 0.5 metres and rips are usually absent. There is a chance of low, spilling waves at Cooee Bay.

The most popular beaches for swimming are Cooee Bay and Lammermoor, with most rocks dominating Wave Point and Statue Bay areas, and Rosslyn Bay given over to boating activities.

In this area, Rosslyn Bay boat harbour breakwaters is the most commonly spot used for fishing, but you are able to fish from several rocky points at high tide.

These five beaches are a southern extension of Yeppoon and are very accessible either from the backing streets or the main road.