Cocoanut Beach

 Cocoanut Beach is a low, rocky point that runs for 1km between Zilzie and Cocoanut Point. The beach faces south-east but is protected from high waves by the sand flats. It is one of three Emu Park beaches.

Waves and Tide
This beach consists of a low gradient, high tide beach which is fronted by low sand flats up to 300m wide in the centre of the beach. A tidal channel runs along the outside of the flats, coming closer inshore off the two points. The beach is backed by beachfront houses of a relatively new housing estate, with limited access to the beach.

There is no surf at this beach.

This is one of three low energy beaches in the area. High tide is the best time for swimming at this beach.
Be careful if out on the tidal flats at low tide, as they are bordered by the deep tidal channel.

Fishing is best at high tide or in a boat.