Creek Rock + Rita Mada

Rita Mada
 is beautiful, peaceful and private, with some of the best views on the Capricorn Coast, but it is both difficult to find and get to. This lovely, secluded beach can only be accessed by foot or by kayak.

Rita Mada Road is gravel and turns off the Scenic Highway just north of Emu Park. There are gated
private properties at the end of the road which dominate much of the peninsula, however sand tracks to the
beach head off on the left just before these gates. These sand tracks lead you directly onto Rita Mada Beach.

The sand is loose and you will definitely need a 4WD to gain access onto the beach. Do not attempt the track in a normal vehicle. A
fter heavy rain or king tides, some of the tracks become boggy swamp.

Kayaking from Mulambin Beach is a 14 kilometre return journey - starting from Kinka Creek - this a good
alternative for a shorter journey.

Fishing off the beach can be good at times, as the channel runs around the headland from Tanby Point
before continuing on to Kinka Creek and Causeway Lake.
Bream, whiting, pike, wolf herring, fingermark
and cod are common catches from this beach.

There are a a lot of rocks (submerged and visible) that come out a long way, and it's likely that you will
wreck your propeller, therefore it is recommend you don't attempt landing your boat there

There are no facilities or fresh water at Rita Mada, so we advise taking everything you need.

-  4WD Only -  Hiking Trails
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-  Fishing  -  Dogs on Leash
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