Castle Bellas

Castle Bellas beach is one of three southernmost Emu Park beaches. It is a 3.5 kilometre long beach with low energy, running to the south-west from Cocoanut Point to the mouth of Cawarral Creek.

The beach is backed by low, swampy beach ridges and swales used for grazing cattle, and two small creeks drain out across the beach. There is a vehicle track to the top of Cocoanut Point and overlooking the beach, but apart from the farm tracks there is no public access to the beach.

Waves and Tide
It is fronted by a low gradient high tide beach, a few low sand ridges and sand flats extending out to 
the tidal channel up to 500 m offshore.

This low energy beach is best for swimming at high tide. Be careful if out on the tidal flats at low tide,
as they are bordered by the deep tidal channel.

Best at high tide or in a boat.