Arthur Point

Arthur Point is the northernmost point of the peninsula. It is a 30 metre high conical hill, backed by a second larger, 100 metre high hill. Arthur Point lies out on the tip of the eastern headland. It is a smaller grass-topped rock-stack located on a platform and is cut off from the shore at high tide.

Waves and Tide
Arthur Point consists of a 150 metre long high tide beach fronted by 100 metres of wide rock flats 
at low tide. There is a chance of a low, spilling breaker at the eastern end of the beach during strong
easterly winds and waves.

Arthur Point is one of the main recreational beaches in the area and a popular swimming location. It is
relatively safe in the protected southern corner, apart from the boat traffic. The other three beaches
all have substantial areas of low tide rocks.

The many rocky point and platforms are the most suitable shore-based locations.